Everyone has a dream – maybe it’s to become a world renowned fashion designer, or to one day see your own creation in a museum of art – but not all of us have the push, the guidance, and the direction to make those dreams come true. Cosmo Vision Worldwide , founded in 2016, is a company striving for the success of young entrepreneurs everywhere – taking six-figure dreams and making them six-figure realities. From the beginning, Cosmo’s founder has been a model of hard work. With a hustler mentality and no room for failure, Jesse Jordan has found his niche in sales and mentoring young people in his community. After all, he has done the things they are yearning to do and he devotes his time, personally, to each person who comes to him for guidance.


In high school Mr. Jordan discovered his talent as a salesman by making $50,000 in one school year selling CDs. Then after a two year stint as a juvenile corrections officer, he made the difficult decision to leave the corrections field and ended the year making six figures as a door to door cable salesman. Going on to be a district manager in Maryland then working for a model and talent studio in Edgewater, NJ, Mr. Jordan was making a name for himself as a go-to man for advice on personal empowerment and how to achieve the things that at times seem impossible. He was seen in his community as a “man who just can’t lose” and people were drawn to him to gain what they could from his experiences. This stirred up a new fire in him that brought about the birth of Cosmo Vision.


Initially, the company was designed to provide corporate wellness services for larger companies by dealing with management teams of those various companies and implementing the appropriate tools and skills needed to stay successful. After constant inquiries from people in the community as to how they can achieve the level of success he had achieved, Mr. Jordan realized he needed to go deeper than “corporate wellness”. Rather than take the same approach as other companies who instruct entrepreneurs to invest first, Cosmo has been designed to invest in young entrepreneurs first and instill in them the confidence one obtains from knowing someone believes in them. Mr. Jordan personally spends his time and money mentoring qualified entrepreneurs and exposing them to a type of lifestyle that will make them want to work harder to be able to not only provide for themselves and their families, but to be able to take the dreams they have and make them into reality. Cosmo has also been designed to give each individual the tools necessary to successfully build their own brand.

The ultimate source of happiness is our mental attitude. -Dalai Lama